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Erica de Vries




International Cognitive Visualization

EARLI SIG 2 Meeting
Grenoble 2012

My research interests concern education, technology, and representation in the light of a conglomeration of disciplines called the learning sciences. In particular, I draw upon conceptual frames and methods from cognitive science, psychology, philosophy of language, analytical philosophy, and semiotics.

External representation & visualization

The use of computer technology for teaching, learning and professional training most often involves developing understanding from interpreting and constructing inscriptions on screen. This has opened up a new field in the learning sciences that studies how people learn from these external representations and from computer visualizations.

Training as an artifact

What are the (mis)matches that can be identified when training is taken to be an artifact just like any other product that is designed, produced, sold, bought, used and disposed of? This question involves considering “technology” as having broader signification, that is not only referring to the tangible objects in today’s society (computers, mobile phones, all kinds of equipment), but also referring to the other three modes of manifestation (Mitcham), that is technology as knowledge, as human activity, and as volition.

Design-based learning situations

Design-based learning situations are mainly used in technology education. They find their justification in mirroring professional expert practice, much like inquiry-based learning situations in science education. Constructing and evaluating such situations involves thorough knowledge of expert design processes and how they can be evoked and guided in educational situations.