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Erica de Vries




International Cognitive Visualization

EARLI SIG 2 Meeting
Grenoble 2012

EARLI SIG 2 Comprehension of Text and Graphics

The 2012 meeting of the EARLI Special Interest Group on Comprehension of Text and Graphics was held at the Pierre-Mendès-France University of Grenoble on August 29-31, 2012. Program and proceedings can be downloaded at the site of the meeting.

Mission statement of the SIG 2

SIG2 2 focuses on how learning is influenced by the representation of the learning material. Historically, we focused on text and picture comprehension. However, as there is an explosion of new representations by the introduction of graphical interfaces, the SIG now also considers other forms of representation. These include, but are not limited to, text, pictures, graphs, diagrams, concept maps, animations, equations, virtual reality, information and scientific visualization, haptics, multimedia, hypermedia, and simulations.

Theme of the 2012 meeting

Staging knowledge and experience: How to take advantage of representational technologies in education and training?